Our Impact on Children

More than 2500 children have benefited from our programs in five countries.

Students Empowered to End Poverty (US)

Success for Less (Uganda and Haiti)

Pads4Learning (Uganda, Ghana, and Colombia)

Our Impact on Communities


More than 200 people living in extreme poverty have benefited from our program to reduce food insecurity in villages in Uganda.

Our Impact on Health

Pads for Learning

500 girls taught reproductive health and menstrual hygiene  to reduce future long-term ill effects of poor reproductive health behavior that can lead to premature births, stillbirths, miscarriages, infertility problems, toxic shock syndrome, and carcinoma cervix as a complication of recurrent reproductive tract infections.

Our Impact  in the US

Students Empowered to End Poverty (SEEP)

400 children have participated in our global citizenship education programs in schools and communities.  Students envision and actively participate in projects that address global issues of a social, economic, or environmental nature to gain the values, attitudes and behaviors that support responsible global citizenship.


ACESWorld funded a Multi-dimensional Poverty Assessment (Nkoko and Kasindikwa Villages, Western Uganda) to better understand the complexity of poverty and facilitate designing better and more effective poverty interventions and to better understand the impact of poverty on education in the community.

ACESWorld collects data on girls reproductive health as part of the Pads4Learning to help fill the gender data gap and make it easier to monitor progress for women and girls.


Student Programs in the US

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