Seeds4Seeds Project Update


ACESWorld progresses on in addressing food insecurity in Uganda through agricultural efforts

We are excited to update you that our Seeds4Seeds project that began this year, is up and running successfully.  Following our Multidimensional Poverty Assessment, the program addresses the issues of families in rural communities facing extreme poverty and food insecurity. After assessing, farmers in the Kasese District and Kabarole Uganda, ACESWorld provided selected families with maize seeds and workshops on planting, composting and seed saving in March. ACESWorld will match the seeds they save. Farmers will have food for both this season and the next with the seeds they have saved. Regional poverty can be reduced through the sale of their surplus produce, and the maize stalks can also be used as mulch for the soil.

ACESWorld programs leave each place better than we found it. Seeds4Seeds allows our reach to go beyond what we have provided to sustain a better way of life for these communities. This program has already impacted 60 households in the villages, and with your support, we hope to continue helping farmers provide food for their families. Another update will be coming next month when the farmers are expected to finally harvest their crops.