Kwabena's Story

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Derrick Kwabena Agyapong continues to champion the rights of girls and women as part of the aCESWorld team

Kwabena, was born and raised in Ghana, where the ancient tradition of women being bound to the private sphere of society continues to act as a barrier to the realization of the potential of girls and women, especially within the rural towns and vulnerable communities. 

During Kwabena’s second year in the university, he took up a volunteer position at the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana, a nonprofit that provides academic and financial support to girls so they can access higher education and professional opportunities. Working on public relations and marketing, this role exposed him to global and local issues affecting the progress of women and girls. Inequalities and the gender gap in education became a top concern for Kwabena. With this passion for women and girls issues, he was also selected for a remote internship with the Asherah Foundation, a nonprofit based in Washington, DC that provides postgraduate scholarship for women in conflict prone communities.

Kwabena had the opportunity to join the ACESWorld team in 2017 through taking on a lead role in ACESWorld’s Pads4Learning initiative, which improves education and health outcomes for school girls in Ghana. Kwabena is grateful to be part of ACESWorld’s dedicated and diverse family who are committed to accelerate an end to global poverty by removing the impediments to quality education through partnering and knowledge exchange to create a world of shared prosperity.

Linda Jackson