Why International Development is Important


Through ACESWorld’s international development efforts, we make a sustainable impact on families around the world

Global government bodies like the United Nations and nonprofit nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) like ACESWorld are focusing on international development in order to improve the lives of everyday people living in extreme poverty (less than $1/day). It is important to define what international development is, as organizations who want to help others sometimes fail to leave a positive, lasting impact. International development includes both economic and social development and encompasses many issues such as poverty, gender and racial equality, integrity of government systems, improvement of infrastructure, and sustainability.


ACESWorld’s international development projects, like the Seeds4Seeds and Pads for Learning programs focus on sustainability and inclusion. The Seeds4Seeds program in the Nkoko and Kasindikwa villages of Uganda, ACESWorld matches all seeds saved by farmers after the first harvest in order to promote the sustainable farming practice of saving seeds. Sustainability in the Pads for Learning program is focused on not only providing cloth pads for girls in order to manage their menstrual health, but also making sure participants know how to make cloth pads themselves.

Without NGO nonprofits like ACESWorld, the responsibility of helping others through international development would solely be left to government bodies, which can be a problem when focusing on efficiency, speed, and  small-scale projects. Therefore, sustainable international development by NGOs like ACESWorld is imperative to helping others and improving standards of living globally. Please consider donating to ACESWorld if you are supportive of sustainable and inclusive international development initiatives.