Our Programs


Pads4Learning teaches adolescents about reproductive health and provides girls with menstrual hygiene management information and supplies with which to manage menstruation in a healthy, safe, and dignified manner, to improve school attendance and educational attainment and to break the cycle of poverty.

Impact: 500 girls have menstrual hygiene management education and pads.  The program will monitor these girls for 1 year to determine the impact of the program on child marriage, and attendance.

Success For Less Professional Development helps under-resourced teachers develop compassion, leadership, classroom management skills, and content knowledge to give students living in extreme poverty the best possible education.  Those limitations include class size, lack of materials and content knowledge, limited administrative support, poor attendance and inability to engage parents. We conduct teacher training in Haiti and Uganda.

Impact: Improved classroom management, parent communication, science curriculum, and attendance to support more than 1000 children in Haiti and Uganda

Students Empowered to End Poverty (SEEP) promotes inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all, specifically, global citizenship education and education for sustainable development, including gender equality and human rights to become active participants in projects that address global issues of a social, economic, or environmental nature to gain the values, attitudes and behaviors that support responsible global citizenship. 

Impact: Approximately 100 K-12 students have participated in ACESWorld programs.

food security


In January 2018 the Association for Community Empowerment Solutions, ACES World, funded and conducted a multidimensional poverty assessment in Nkoko and Kasindikwa Villages in rural western Uganda.  The situation in these villages is dire for many households and ACESWorld developed a program/project to help families improve food security.  The pilot project provides seeds, fertilizer and workshops for households best positioned to use this support to produce crops to feed their households.  The goals of the pilot are to provide food for households, to encourage households to save seeds and to compost to enrich the soils to improve food security.  

Impact: (Season 1)10 families (100 family members) have a total of 16 acres of maize growing. (Season 2) Original 10 families have seeds to plant and 10 new families to receive seeds.  Selected women to receive beans and rice and training to plant a new cash crop. Village-wide sustainable agriculture training conducted.

Knowledge Community

ACESWorld expands the global knowledge base by providing professional development, capacity assessments, proposal development support, curriculum development, technical support, primary research, sharing lessons learned and highlighting the accomplishments of our global community.
Impact:  Our Community shares resources and promote the work of members on social media and highlight their accomplishments.
Multi-dimensional Poverty Assessment (Nkoko and Kasindikwa Villages, Western Uganda) is an initiative developed by the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development, IFAD, to measure the complexity of poverty and facilitate designing better and more effective poverty interventions. ACESWorld trained local enumerators who completed a detailed data collection project that informed the Seeds4Seeds project design.

Impact: Families identified to benefit from the Seeds4Seeds program.  Additional data analysis is ongoing

iRise Self Assessment© is ongoing research of 500 adolescent schoolgirls in Uganda, Ghana and Colombia to better understand the problems associated with menstrual hygiene management in schools and communities and to develop strategies to support girls.  

Impact: Conducting research to fill critical data gaps and better understand specific challenges of women and girls.

Champions for Human Rights is our annual giving campaign  and an opportunity for those committed to peace and gender equality worldwide to have their voices heard and seeks to draw attention to the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights.

Impact: Pledges to support the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights